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kistaro's Journal

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor
8 June 1986
I'm just... me. I'm not human. I happen to be shaped like one this life, but it's not what I am. Sorry for any confusion. Details on it are sort of a long story, but feel free to ask me. Especially if you think you should know by now but don't, or even don't understand my draconity.

That shapes my life as much as any other identity would. I don't obsess about it more than other people would obsess about being a librarian or a Republican. Which is to say, it shapes my entire life, personality, outlook, and identity, but it's seriously not the only thing going on in my life. As far as identities go, draconity is stunningly impractical, so perhaps it has fewer effects than some other options! It provides an interesting basis for philosophy, though.

Spiritually, I'm a general-purpose spiritualist eclectic pseudo-Discordian pseudo-Pagan, with the expected beliefs in spirits, reincarnation (see previous two paragraphs), psychic phenomena (not to be confused with believing all claims of psychic power: the majority of them are probably full of dung), magic (see previous parenthetical aside), and polytheism (many deities are also full of dung. That said, Hail Eris!).

I graduated Washington University in May of 2007 with a B. S. in Applied Science, majoring in computer science. Note that this means I'm a computer scientist, not a general scientist; those with a degree in Computer Science know more general science than the computer scientists with degrees in Applied Science. I invite anybody to try to make heads, tails, or other appendages out of that one.

I like to program. I like to program so much that I used to play at TopCoder, which is high-speed recreational programming. (Now I'm much more likely to just play on ACM practice problem sets.) I like programming so much I sold myself to the Evil Empire, which makes lots of jokes about itself and isn't nearly so evil on the inside. (Remember, the answer to "did they just not think about this?" with regard to evil conduct on the part of a large corporation is- for any software feature that originated with any standard engineer- usually "yes".) I like answering programming questions and will ramble about it given half an opportunity; consider yourself very warned.

Happily mated. Rakeela, I love you.

Dragon Code:
DC2.Dw~ G? L W Phvfwlt Sks C~ Bf Ar Av+ Fr-- M++ O/ H++ $ Fo R+++! Ac+++ J+ S U I-# V+ Q+ T+++/-- E-

Friends Policy
My friends list is nothing more or less than a list of people I find interesting enough to read. Add me if you want, or not. But don't be surprised if I add you for no reason at all.

Over "addbacks:" Not common unless I've heard of you. Comment once in a while, and I'll have a basis from which to determine if I want you reading my more private thoughts.

ATTN Abuse Team: In case of emergency, a Private-security post with my contact information has been backdated to the first chronological entry of my journal.