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Physics-al Comedy

Ever have the suspicion that you've just done something that you will be remembered for, for the entire remainder of your college career, no matter what else you do to try to supercede it?

I just whipped myself in the face with a gyroscope string. I was drafted by the substitute professor (can't think of his name) to get the gyro' actually spinning; I was the only person in the front-ish area who looked strong enough to get it really fast.

I did, but when I unwound the last of the string, it (predictably) kept going on its expected path (projectile motion) and hit me in the face (slapstick comedy). It wasn't very painful, but it was rather comical.

I just have the creeping suspicion it's what I'll be remembered for, like it or not, for the next four years. "Hey, aren't you that guy who hit himself in the face with a gyroscope string?"

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