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Tech Support, $20.00/hr

Today was interesting. Yesterday, my dad got a call about someone's "email thingy not working right and I can't get on the MSN Zone!"

Of course it's not that simple.

While my father's now a manufacturer and not usually a consultant anymore, he'll still take consulting jobs- for an insane price. But he'll do whatever it takes- write programs, build hardware, design circuit boards- expensively.

If he takes me along, he pays me from what he gets paid- at my rates of $20.00 an hour.

I just made $50.00 today. Two and a half hours- not of reparing an email program and fixing the client end of the MSN Gaming Zone, but of catching and reparing the results of Bugbear. It's quite nasty- if it gets on, it stops Norton from loading. (Thank the Gods for safe mode.) Even though Mrs. Fox had Norton running, it was operating on old virus definitions, so it didn't know the danger of Bugbear- hence, a skrozzled system.

Oh well.

And the funny part is that I was the one who figured out HOW to fix the problem every step of the way. And I'm getting paid 1/10 of what my father is- he did the fix, but I could have.

Of course, now I have to catch up on my homeschooling.

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