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"What's the smallest, simplest binary tree possible? Uh... you."
"The single node."
"Correct." Dr. Pless drew a . on the board.
"And the next one? You. In the shirt covered with more text than I care to read."
"Two connected nodes."

"And next? You." (He had called on me.)
"An AND-operator with freckles."
"... ... ...huh?"
"An AND-operator with freckles. The last one with another node attached. Looks like the ^-symbol with dots."
"Correct, then!" (Dr. Pless finished laughing a few seconds later; the class quieted down shortly thereafter.
 / \
*   *

"Now what might seem like it would work but is really bogus that's sort of like that last one? You."
"An OR-operator with freckles."
"Right. The subnodes should always be drawn below the parent node. The next tree to draw would be a freckled AND with a tumor."
   / \
  *   *

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