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Cheap Lunch!

There, did that subject line get your attention?

Today was the first Cheap Lunch I got to help out in. Cheap Lunch is a Wednesdaily event held by the School of Engineering and Applied Science in which the chairman of the group (Dan, the guy I voted for) and whoever he can round up work to sell really, really cheap food. We went through 180 pizzas in under one and a half hours- we ran out, in fact. All of it from Domino's who gave a great volume discount- and we sell it at cost. End result? Three slices of pizza, and one can of soda, and all the chips and cookies you want: $3.00. That's Really Freakin' Cheap.

I helped. I was the Soda Arranger Dude for the day; I arrived just as set-up was finishing, as I have a class that conflicts with the start- but not the rest of the time.

It was quite a task. I had to start out by getting the table in some semblance of order and accessibility; there were four varieties of beverage not reachable by the customers (not in the front row), the Diet Coke was on the other side of the table from the regular Coke, it was arranged apparently randomly... It actualy wasn't that hard to sort out. What was more interesting was keeping up with the rate of customers- pushing rows to the front, taking six-packs off the rings and putting them in (don't worry, I snipped all the rings at the end), moving 24-racks of soda to where I can reach it... It sounds easy, until you realize the pace.

At least I got free pizza out of it!

Dan, the Chairman, noted that I was the first Soda Arranger Dude ever to actually have it in some sorted way that people didn't have to dig or search to find what they wanted. (Cheap Lunch has been going on for years.) He informed me that as a result, I single-handedly (double-handedly, really, it's Tom who's only got one hand) solved most of their flow-control problem where they had been having the line back up at the beverage table.

And there's no real point to this post. Except to note that I had fun, and that I got a 100% on my first CS101 exam, and I've got a Physics and Calculus exam next week. Wish me luck!

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