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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Math Panic
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Ack! I just discovered that on half of the GED math test, you're not allowed to use a calculator!

Therefore, I did the sensible thing: I wrote a computer program (using a klik-and-build style of thing called Widget Workshop- more of a circuit board modeler than anything else) to test me on arithmatic for speed.

Anyway, it's availible at my website. (Download EXE)

It's quite fun- and it's telling me I'm better off than I thought, when I recently got 11 right and only one wrong in 10 minutes. When it's giving you three digit/three digit multiplication, that's HARD. (Although you can get something as easy as 2+2. It's all in the Randomizers.)

Feedback, support, flames?

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Eh, 3 digit/3 digit multiplication isn't /that/ hard, just really annoying and unweildy. It'd probably take me about a 30-60 seconds depending on how eeevil it is. Anyway, sounds like a good system you came up with. :)

Don't call it easy that hastily...

All right, THINK FAST. The clock is pushing 9:17. You have 19 right and one wrong; using standard scoring, your score is 14. (using the the formula R-5W where R is right answers and W is wrong answers.) You're trying to get 15 points (because you felt like setting an arbitrary goal.) You just got that 19th right answer; the clock is ticking.

*buzz* *buzz* (Ready to solve!)
Clock: 9:20
PROBLEM: 918*387
GO. You have 40 seconds.

And for me, I'm doing this to cram for the GED, so I'm pushing HARD. I want my time to be 20 seconds a question, and I can't afford errors, so my goal is 30 points with the equation R-10W and the "hold" rule. (Hold rule: if you get an answer wrong, you must take the points off and keep fighting with the problem. You lose no further points for further wrong answers, but you gain no points for the eventual correct answer. You may NOT pass, and a new problem is not selected until a right answer is given, so you MUST solve the problem- burning time.) My best score is 23, and that was with 12 multiplication problems.

It's a full randomizer, so either number can be anything from 1 to 999. You'll never get a 0, though.

The Hold Rule is actually the most helpful thing for me in the Manic Panic Math Machine. When I use it, I am FORCING myself to come to terms with my own errors. I must correct my mistakes before I continue- even if the answer is six or seven digits, and I'm off by exactly 1, I have to find it. I learn what I tend to do wrong- and I start to do it right...

Have you actually downloaded and played the game yet? It works on screen sizes down to 1024x768, and it's only 1.2 MB (uncompressed, no less). You're downloading the app, not the installer, so save it where you want it...

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