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Net Outage
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In case anybody's been wondering where I am, the Internet connection to the South 40 (the residential area of campus) went out a few days ago. I'm currently posting from a computer in Olin Library.

The connection got overloaded with over one million sends of Blaster. ResTech has turned off everybody's Internet connection until every single computer can be individually patched; individual connections are then turned on. I know my computer's clean, but ResTech doesn't. ETA for getting back up, since a schedule mishap caused me to miss the first fix time: one week.

Oh, and yesterday had a creative design competition to make a Rube Goldberg contraption to move water from point A to point B; point A had to be at least half the table away from point B, and the machine had to cover at least 3/4 of the table.

My team- Team Duct Tape (Motto: "Duct Tape is our God, and Thomas is His Prophet"; we used an entire roll, and it was Tom who suggested most of the uses)- won an award. Too bad it wasn't the award for moving the water... we got the award for "funniest explosive mishap" on our first run. Our second run, the machine didn't throw itself apart, but it didn't get water to the target area either. The machine was supposed to be: car rolls down ramp duct taped to table, car hits trigger of rat trap (yes, we really built this) duct taped to table, rat trap pulls string, string yanks out support under bucket (mounted atop the box the parts came in... duct taped to the table), bucket falls and spills, water pours down into aluminum foil funnel thingy (supported by a paper-towel tube and duct tape), which pours into a chute system made from an aluminum-foil box, toy-car track, and duct tape.

The machine actually was (on round 1): Car rolls down ramp, hits rat trap, trap yanks support roughly out from under the bucket and throws it across the area as it slips off the string, bucket spins around repeatedly at high speed, splashing everybody in the area, bucket lands back on box and half on the lid taped to it and supporting the Aluminum Foil thingy, paper towel tube collapses under sudden shock, chute system falls to the side, duct tape pulls itself off table, Duplo supports disconnect and shoot pieces all over, audience laughs hysterically, including designers.


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Our whole ethernet here was taken down until we got everyone to install a patch and remove the worm (nachi, it was called, I think) off of their computer. its all good now though!

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