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Spam of the Year Award

This was given 5.8 points by SpamAssassin, but the text it showed was too good not to read. Spam Assassin:
NO_REAL_NAME (1.0 points) From: does not include a real name
FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS (0.6 points) From: ends in numbers
FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK (3.7 points) Forged mail pretending to be from MS Outlook
MISSING_MIMEOLE (0.5 points) Message has X-MSMail-Priority, but no X-MimeOLE

The email itself:

Dimensional Warp Generator Needed

I'm a time traveler stuck here in 2003.
Upon arriving here my dimensional warp generator stopped working. I truste=
d a company here by the name of LLC Lasers to repair my Generation 3 52 43=
50A watch unit, and they fled on me.
Since nobody in this timeline seems to be able to deliver what I need (saf=
ely here to me), I will have to build a simple time travel circuit to get =
where I need myself. While it might be hard to find parts in this time to =
build anything decent, I need easy to follow schematics from the future to=
build one which is safe and accurate that will not disrupt the time space=
continuum with both forward and backward capability accounting for tempor=
al location settings (X, Y, Z,) which can be built out of (readily availab=
le) parts here in 2003. Please email me any plans you have. I will pay goo=
d money for anything you send me I can use. Or if you have a dimensional w=
arp generator available, and are 100% certain you have a (safe secure) mea=
ns of delivering it to me please also reply with a secure way to contact y=
ou. Send a separate email to me at:

Do not reply back directly to this email as it will only be bounced back t=
o you.

Thank You
Brian [***]

(The equals marks were in the text file dump; not sure what they're doing. Probably indicates "line continues" past 72 chars or something.)
[***] indicates text removed by me.

Any other nominees for Spam of the Year? (It was sent to four addresses, and from request_65@[***].de, so it really seems quite garbagelike.)

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