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Quote of the day from Washington University:

"Screw this. This shit is none of their fucking business. *rrriiip*" --Kistaro Windrider, deciding not to submit his half-filled-out optional invasive survey that even the professors providing it disapproved of

(Yes, it's myself, but I was informed by a few others that I'd made Quote of the Day for sheer guts.)

Context: It was handed out at the end of a mandatory meeting, the professors noting it's a study UCLA is doing and is optional to participate in or not. They were extremely apologetic, noting that if they were given more than three minutes of warning on it, they would have stopped it from making it to the students. I might have filled it out, except it's got full identifying information, up to and including social security number. We were informed it will be added to our permanent academic record, and people participating may be drafted for more surveys and studies. The professors, including the Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, were obviously disapproving- especially when they applauded my reaction to questionset 32 asking about my sexual orientation, political opinions, abstinence or not, and why. (All SCANTRON multiple-choice, of course.) After my reaction, I heard a few more assorted *rrrriiip* noises from the room, indicating that I wasn't the only one who disliked the test.

It wouldn't have been a problem if it was anonymous, or if the questions weren't so obviously tilted and loaded. And with me going for a spot as a Congress of the South 40 Representative, I don't exactly need it for opponents- or the Washington Witness, (A.K.A. "Washington Witless") the campus conservative tabloid-ish biased homophobic weekly newspaper (there's a high-quality, official, balanced one too: Student Life. Check it out at )- to dig up and use against me. Not that I'll have a lot of trouble getting the spot: there is one representative per 50 students, and usually about one person choosing to run for office per 53 students. They actually have to draft a few into service, so I'll probably get the position in Student Government- which actually has some real power and an equally real budget.

I have to commend one of my classmates, though, on doing better than me. He had filled out the NAME as "Natasha Z. Fnorkelwhacker," the SSN as "9876-54-321", and was on Question 31 (Religion) when I noticed. With his cross as a pendant around his neck, wearing his "ARE YOU SAVED?" T-shirt, he had filled out "Mother: Hindu; Father: Islamic; Me: Wiccan" and was starting to enter in Q32 (Opinions) "Legalize Marijuana" and "Ban All Alcohol Forever". And yes, I do know the person, but I'll let him be anonymous. He's an extremely, extremely cool person (in the good meaning- raki would use "shiny" as the adjective), neither bigoted nor homophobic, nice, the sort of person there aren't enough of. I really think he was doing the right thing with the survey.

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