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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Facial Hair
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It has come to the point where it is now obvious that I'm beginning to grow a beard and mustache.

Thing is, I'm not really sure if I want to. On the other hand, I'm not sure I'm too keen on the idea of causing my face to appear that it has been through a blender by shaving.

Advice, anybody?

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Go with the evil goatee look and mustache, it rocks. :) (I speak from experience). I hate full-on beards myself, they've always itched for me, no matter how much I let them grow out.

the first time I tried shaving is when I was six, and it was without reason. :P I cut my lip and gushed blood all over the sink. ^_^; My advice? Go slow with a nice razor.. don't worry about cost. o_O they're worth the money.


Not mentioned in anything even slightly resembling seriousness, of course.

Depends on your feelings about facial hair, in general.

I, frankly, love my full beard. It only took me something like 2 weeks for it to be nice and bushy, and my beard trimmer has kept it looking like I'm a total Ostragoth, so, I'm quite pleased with it, all things considered. I'm also the sort of guy who doesn't feel quite right after shaving. Like, my facial skin is too smooth.

As for shaving, if you already have more then about a quarter of an inch of beard, you will want a beard trimmer. I think it's ill-advised to try and shave if you have more then stubble, or it will tear the hell out of your face. Also, I used to shave with Edge Gel, however, I found that I usually cut myself relatively often (once every other shave or so), but when I shaved while I was showering, cuts were reduced a lot. However, that might just be because my break outs lessened, so I wasn't shaving over those, or, minor cuts had all blood washed away and I wasn't looking in a mirror to go "oh, damn, got a cut".

If you're willing to examine the idea of an electric shaver, they're generally very face-blender free. And, frankly, the choice isn't between "shave" and "don't shave" anyway; it's between "shave" and "shave less". Even a full beard needs to be trimmed and edged to look its best, and generally hacked off entirely under the chin.

I went goatee for a while, beard for a while, down to a moustache for a while (once I got old enough that it would grow in thick enough to work), nothing but sideburns for a while, then finally settled in on the current look (the one in the recent pic on my site, not the one above).

Might want to give this a read, btw. They do diss sideburns ;p but at least it's a good guide to get you thinking about your options. And, OMG, this is funny.

Electric shavers are easier on the face... though I haven't had -that- much facial hair to test it on. Razors going slow and with the grain don't cut that much.

Just imagine yourself with different facial hair styles and see what you like?

Advice ... well, other than bitching at the gods for giving the gender to you that they did. there's not much else you can do other than take a nice sharp blade to your face once in a while.

Just remember one thing, up and down is just fine, side to side sucks.

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