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Ugh! Is anybody around here good at figuring out bus/commuter train schedules? I'm trying to figure out the best way from the South 40 to the Science Center using Metro transportation. It only seems obvious until route times are checked. http://www.metrostlouis.org has the information; point A is just below the 93-mark on route 93 below the Washington University mark, at the South 40- but that 93 is nothing other than a route reminder; while there are basic stops strewn all over, I don't think it corresponds to a timed stop. This is in sector 30. Point B is the St. Louis Science Center; it's got its own mark and is on sector 31.

I've emailed their transit assistance address; no reply yet...

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I don't really have time to figure it out, but it's usually easiest to start from the end point, at the time you want to arrive, then work backwards to the start point. And leave time for delays, too. Most of the buses in the Baltimore system run slightly off of their scheduled times.

That's what I've been puzzling out; challenge is added to my task, however, by having six separate routes to get there. The fastest route involves reversing direction at the Wydown Loop, and reversals aren't covered on transfers- so I'd have to pay new fare instead of a $0.25 trans. (93 west to end, 52 east to Science Center) Another choice is the 16 south to 52 east, but it's a 20 minute wait at the transfer on Saturday, and longer on Sunday, in a bad neighborhood. 16 north to Delmar Loop MetroLink Train, ride to Central West End MetroLink, connect to 52 going west, then cross four lanes of traffic to get to the Science Center. This is covered, however, by one ticket; the wait is uncertain, however, due to MetroLink construction.

Sheesh! At this point, I'm wondering if withstanding my parents every weekend isn't a better choice!

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