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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Heavy Subject
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My dad took me today to get a haircut, then to go to Washington University to see if they had any of the books in yet for my courses in the fall. The only one they had was for my Logic course (actually considered Philosophy, and it counts as a math credit), so I'll still need to buy my Computer Science and Physics books in the fall.

Physics, cost-wise and weight-wise, is going to suck. According to the person who showed us where the books would be (and got me to the Logic book, where I found a used copy in pristine condition), Physics requires not one, not two, but six books. They only had the prices for two of them, but just those two- used- will cost over $150.00.


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...was for my Logic course (actually considered Philosophy, and it counts as a math credit)...

For some reason, this amuses me greatly. :p

It's a Humanities credit required to graduate in math-related courses- because if Humanites wasn't required, nerds like me would probably never take Humanities courses. It's a weird system.

At least it's a math-like course- and reading the book, it's stuff I already know. I suppose I'm entitled to one easy A per semester, right?

Comp Sci is my specialty, but I've heard warnings that Computer Science 101 is fast enough that it's not a sleep-through, even for experts- which is fine with me, I want a challenge!

Welcome, yet again, to college.

I have paid $500 dollars for books each semester consistantly each year. That includes many used books.

Re: Welcome, yet again, to college.

Yeah, but for one course? At least I already have my Calculus book (Calc I, II, and III all use the same book) from the summer program, and that cost $136.00 used.

Ouch. Oh well, I was planning for it...

I've paid up to 300 dollars just for one class, 200 dollars for just one book. That's college.

Take the advice about mixing humanities and sciences. You'd be stupid not to.

Welcome to college! ;) Most I've spent for one class: $210 for two books for a EE class. Average amount I spent on books when taking classes full-time: $500-$600. Advice: try to take a humanities class or two mixed in with the hard science -- it'll help you a little financially as generally those books are cheaper (whereas the sciences are the most expensive), plus give you a little mental break too during the semester (if an advisor tells you to take nothing but science/technical classes for a semester, ignore them. Many a person have cracked doing just that, including myself!)

Humanities classes are actually required to graduate; I have to take 18 credit-hours worth, or about one per most semesters. In Computer Science, I have very, very little choice as to what courses to take- to get a B.S. C.S., the best four-year degree availible for Computer Science and one of the just plain most useful ones period, almost all of my classes are set. (It makes choosing courses relatively easy, though...)

(Deleted comment)
I'm planning on getting a wheelie-cart, but that's of limited use since most of my classes are on the second- or third- floors of buildings without elevators. So I'll get a wheelie-cart with straps.

I'm 135 lbs. with a backpack load capacity of 40 lbs., or 35 lbs. over Washington University campus distances. (One doesn't appreciate how big campus is until one must walk from the South 40 to the bit of campus completely opposite the South 40.) I should be fine, but yeah, I'm going to buy a cart.

One class that requires six books is almost certainly not going to actually use all of those books.

That's not necessarily true. You could try to wing it by checking the books out of the library, but a lot of people do that, so there is absolutely no guarantee you'll use the books.

Kev-- I'm in a quick summer class right now, and we have already read 7 books. In 6 weeks. And it's all going to be tested on today. During the year, that can double, depending on the class, and they're all used.

If you're still worried, you could not buy them all at once, check with the professor, and only buy it when you're going to start to use it. But again, books sell out, and that's often gotten people in trouble.

And I tend to mark my textbooks, so I can't use library books anyway.

As for buying them later- if I try that, there's no way I'll be able to get them used. And as another gotcha: three weeks after classes start, Washington University sends the unsold new books back to the publisher, so I can't delay.

Oh well.

my Logic course (actually considered Philosophy, and it counts as a math credit)

But...Logic isn't Philosophy...yes, Logic is required for Philosophy, but, it isn't Philosophy, like Physics is required for Engineering, but Engineering isn't Physics!

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