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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Jim's Big Ego
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My favorite musical group just released this. It's far more sarcastic than it first appears.

I have got to buy one of their CDs. Noplace Like Nowhere is only $11.00, but I can't get it anywhere!

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Not available anywhere, like out of stock?

I'd have figured if you liked the band that much, you knew about their website, which mentions FolkWeb and Amazon as places to order it; and their mp3.com site, which also sells the CD (albeit a little more expensively).

I bought my copy from FolkWeb, but that was years ago. It's kind of a mixed bag -- 3 or 4 great songs and a bunch of highly forgettable ones -- but I'd recommend it on the whole, especially since you're already a fan.

"Not availible" as in "no physical store nearby seems to carry it."

When I get home, I'll try to convince my parents to let me do the online ordering route; my father is exceedingly paranoid about online credit card fraud and is therefore really, really resistant to buying anything online.

Yeah, I know about the site and the mp3.com site, where do you think I heard about this Flash vid and downloaded the files from?

If you've got a bank account in your name, it's not an ideal solution, but Amazon.com does accept personal checks, and you can bypass the 'rents entirely (at the cost of waiting an additional two to three weeks for your merchandise).

Or, if you have some way of sending me funds, I can help out as a third party credit-card source and just have the order sent to you.

My checking account is in my name and my mother's name. However, she doesn't have to sign outgoing checks.

I have a VISA check card, so I might be able to use that.

I'll ask my parents first, though; my father's been known to occasionally buy from Amazon, although he doesn't really like to. I balk at trying to bypass my parents' ban- I don't like dishonesty to people I respect.

And I'd have to wait until I got back to college to do any unapproved orders anyway- this Summer Program ends tomorrow (Saturday, I move out) and my parents screen my packages.

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