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"Crunch" Time

"I've decided that it's not really fair to make you do a cumulative final without notes. Therefore, you may, on the final, bring as many prepared notes as you want... as long as you can fit them all on two sides of a 3x5 index card."

Ms. Traub gave us a briefing today on the final exam. Notes, hmm? I won't forget the Quadratic Formula, then. But what else to do with the precious little space? I can't write legibly very small...

Wait. I have a photo printer. I have really good eyesight (glasses are just for depth perception). I can print up my notes in Illegible Flyspeck 3, instead of Times New Roman 12.

"Ms. Traub? Can we print up our notes off a computer straight onto the card?"

"As long as they fit."

I'm now faced with an interesting challenge: squashing as many legible notes as possible onto one 3x5 index card...

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