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Busy day- and a new gadget
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My dad had to go for an ear appointment today.

He finally got his hearing checked- it checked out okay, but he knows it's bad. The test wasn't done well... oh well.

I got to lug 27 lbs. of schoolbooks from office to office on my back, so I could work while my dad went to his appointment. My spine should return to its normal shape within a week.

On a better note, we went to a Best Buy after the hearing appointment and I bought a Nintendo E-Reader for my GBA.

What a cool gadget.

It's this big thing you plug into the cartridge slot of a GBA and read cards in one at a time through the scanner on the top. It spits out a complete video game from just five little trading cards- sometimes fewer. (The gadget came with a 5-card set, one card I can't use because you have to have a GameCube, a one-card game called "Manhole," and three E-enabled Pokemon cards that contain a dead hard minigame. I bought an ExciteBike 5-card pack, too.)

At $40.00, there are cheaper gadgets. But considering that you can then buy classic Nintendo games for $5.00, I'd call it a worthwhile expenditure...

"Scan Card"

ARRGH! This is still @#$% hard!