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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Note Quotes
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I tend to write down whatever comes to mind in the margins of my notes in class- sometimes even in the main notes, if it's relevant. It's led to some rather amusing notes.

"No, No, NO! Dear Gods, make the bad math STOP!"
"Derived from the Point Freakin' Slope Formula"
"Ms. Traub seems to have a calculus fetish."
"Enjoy the class or else, dammit!"
"Functions: f(x)=fhqwhgads"
"Lecture 2: A Functional Education"
"Homework Recrap"*
"Redundant, redundant, redundant, and redundant"
"e~= 2.71828182846 and stuff, cause it's irrational, y'see"
"Calculus Teacher Stands On One Leg And Grabs Knee Theorem"
"Five Ways to say 'I'm a Derivative'"
"What you say!!!"
"More Differentiation Sh*t" (yes, there's an asterisk in my notes)

"Summary: Don't skip and don't be late, you freakin' moron."
"Don't cheat. Duhhh."
"Do NOT underline, bold, etc."
"Bugdanovitch Bigdinovotch Bugdonovitch Bogdonobitch Bogdonivich Bogdonovich"
"Pointless filler is bad."
"It's still an apple"
"classmate-level IQ"
"Amanda, Manipulative B*tch" asterisk in original notes
"Too f**king many suitors!" asterisk in original
"Society for the Easily Confused"

*actually a mis-write, but still funny

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Kistaro, you always manage intelligent yet witty conversations and topics ^_~

Some of this actually is funny, it really made me laugh!

Now say, "fhqwhgads" one more time!

If you follow Strong Bad E-Mail, click the shredded boom box at the end of the one entitled "Sibbe."

And if you don't: http://www.homestarrunner.com/ and it's funny because it's so stupid.

There's also a music video under the "Shorts" by Strong Bad with...er, you know, that word!

Heeh... I wonder if the '"Too f**king many suitors!"' refers to the Merchant of Venice, but maybe not :)

I used to write replies to my teachers' comments.

*chuckles* I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. It's usually good for some comedy-gold, but only if you know the references. Though quotes taken directly from professors out of context can be good as well.

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