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Judo, in retrospect

Last night, I had my usual judo class. Nothing unusual about it, except I couldn't do all the moves as usual because of my injured foot.

What's really funny, thinking about it now, is how much that helped me.

When I was doing the randoris- free style "throw-and-pin" tournament-style matches- I had to do differently because of my foot. I couldn't do the foot sweep techniques I usually do, nor could my superior agility come into play.

I'm rather odd in a judo match. My arm strength and leg strength are, at best, average- which is not good in a sport where such strength is required. I'm far stronger than I used to be, but I'm still the weakest in class. This is made up for by an incredibly strong back- if I can get my back into a throw correctly, I'm very difficult to block, although I can be countered as well as anybody else. I am also extremely agile, and can escape from pins more easily than most.

During the standing techniques of a match, I usually don't do well. I've realized that this is for three reasons:

1. When I attack, I balk and come back out of the throw when I think it's going wrong. Problem is, it's usually just fine, but I don't trust myself enough.
2. I usually don't pivot enough, failing to use said back muscles.
3. I tend to block opponent's techniques or escape with superior agility, when I could be countering the techniques myself.

Number 3 is the killer. A judo match is little but a complicated set of counters, a violent dance- one technique is stopped by another, which is stopped by another... until somebody falls down.

My fighting style is not particularly effective. I'm just too defensive.

With an injured foot, I couldn't do that. If I didn't want to be thrown, I had to counter with whatever means availible, since most of my escapes involve weird foot positions which I just couldn't do. So I was forced to switch to alternate strategies... strategies which should have been the ones I used all along.

I found what works for me. All by injuring my foot from testosterone poisoning. You see, going up against my freind Robert last night was my test- we usually draw in practice, and I usually lose by the second smallest point possible in tournament. We're very evenly matched.

For the first time ever, I threw him last night. Successfully, cleanly, and a full point- which would have won a match in a tournament. He attacked me- I usually move out of the technique and try something myself; I couldn't, so I fought back with a two-arm throw while simultaneously dropping to my knees.

It worked quite well.

It's like any judo match- one thing just leads to another. It's your job to make sure they work out in your favor.

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