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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The End... And The Story Begins
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It is now, as I write this, 12:01 AM, Friday the 13th, 2003.

It is the last full day I will spend at home for a month and a half.

24 hours and it will be Moving Day. I will cart off to Washington University and begin my first real adventure, where I will have true personal choice, of this life.

And y'know what? I'm ready. Sure, I'm nervous as can be, but there's no stalling this. And there's nothing else for me to do. With my parents as incredibly overprotective and controlling as they are (their only faults, actually), it's my only chance to really be me. It's my first chance to really be me. And I'll finally be out of these retarded correspondence courses and in to some schoolwork in subjects that intrest me, at my level...

Wish me luck.

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*smiles* as I write this, 432AM on the same day, I wish you all the luck that I might in your endevours there. You will do well, and I look forward to talking with you while we are both in college. *hugs* good luck, Kistaro!

Awesome. Best of luck to you, my friend. *offers hug* I have a feeling that you're going to enjoy it immensely -- being thrust into the new social circle is going to be awkward (it always is), but compared to high school and parental controls it really is an enormous step forward, and I doubt you'll ever look back.

Oh, good luck Kistaro! Starting University is a really big step, and often both scary and fun. I'm not sure about living with other people (I don't), but it will be different, and having a good attitude about it can only help you get the most out of the experience.

Good luck! You'll really enjoy yourself, I'm sure. Speaking from experience, just make sure the parents don't try to control you in college, as they'll be very tempted to. I didn't even bother giving my parents my dorm phone # when I first moved, I just told them "I'll call you when I need you, or, you could always write me (not e-mail)." Remember, you're going to college for yourself, not for them.

Just be open, think positive, have fun, and I think you will really enjoy your university experience.

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