Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor (kistaro) wrote,
Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Planetarium: The Finale... To Be Continued

So this was my last day at the Planetarium for a month and a half, because I won't be able to volunteer there during the Washington University summer program. It certainly ended with a bang. (Or at least a splat.)

It started with my arriving 15 minutes before opening. Getting a drink of water and tracking down Kristi, I discovered that they thought my leave of absence started this week instead of in two weeks, so I wasn't on the schedule, so I should just follow the crowds.

So I headed up the microelevator (we have an elevator in the staff room slightly smaller than your average coat rack with a rated capacity of 2) with Kristi to do the pre-opening gallery inspection, and immediately found something amiss: the mats were still on their carts. After being cleaned last night, nobody bothered to set them out.

So I got off to an interesting start. Checking my watch and cringing with the knowledge I only had five minutes, I singlehandedly, at exceedingly high speed, unpiled one hundred foam mats from their carts and got them out to where visitors could get to them.

Then I continued to check the StarBridge, the top floor of exhibits- and was met with the Blue Screen O' Death on one of the exhibit computers; knowing we had to get that fixed before visitors arrived, I ran down the stairs and reported that in.

Then we discovered we were almost out of water in the demo table- it doesn't have a water hookup, so we have to refill a ten-gallon tank in it every month and dump out the tank of wastewater.

Filling a ten-gallon tank when you have to hold the damn thing as it gets within the vicinity of 45 lbs. is not an easy task. Even less of one when you have to cart it (at least we did have a cart) across the entire Planetarium to do it.

Tired with two and a half hours of the day to go, I sat down and had my break, and went back to the floor, where I was promptly greeted by a loud *CRASH.*

Ignoring all the "don't run!" rules, I barreled through the gallery looking for the source and finally found it in the staff room. It was just Michelle knocking over some precariously placed poles that were leaning up against the desk in a non-OSHA booby-trap like manner; I helped her set it up and then actually had half an hour of normal work before going to taking tickets for the Star Shuttle.

The day was blessedly uneventful after that, and I left at 4:30, not to return for a month and a half...

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