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Ow, ow, OW!, and ow

Well, judo class didn't go so swell.

Correction: My foot is swelling, but judo class didn't go particularly well.

It started out with just trying to get my gi on- I retrieved it from the second floor, continued on up the stairs to my room, and walked into the door.

Not "walked through the door." I said "walked into the door," and I meant it. Pain and loud wham and all. (Ow No. 1) I'm used to having that door open, but the air conditioning is off and the heat- and space heaters- are on, so I have to keep the door closed.

My room's usually dark at night with the light of, so seeing no light from inside wasn't a surprise. Running into unyielding wood, however, was.

Eventually, I made it to class, where I discovered that my sprained foot hadn't really healed (Ow No. 2). I managed to remain in class, however, until I managed to catch my testicles between my legs on a fall (OW! No. 3). Hobbling out of class, I stubbed my toe on the wall (Ow No. 4) while walking to a seat.

Oh well. Maybe things will go better tomorrow.

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