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New Computer
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The Gateway arrived! The fact that this post has been written from it (using the web client, heh) is a sign that I have it in pseudo-working order...

On that note, anybody have any advice on how to make Windoze XP see my 98 box across the network? I'd rather avoid burning four CDs of files if I can avoid it.

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I've had similar problems with Win2K and Win98 SE - this is basically what I think:

- Ensure both have Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks set up over a TCP/IP network
- You may want to add NetBIOS and IPX/SPX temporarily - at least, I have them on this network
- Make sure both machines have an account (the one you're using) with the same username and password - otherwise they tend to get unhappy about sharing
- Try connecting to the shares directly, \\computername\share
- Check both machines are in the same workgroup (mine are just WORKGROUP)

*shrugs* None of it's wonderful advice, I know, but it might help.

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