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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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color cycle (slow)
Today was exceedingly busy. School has let out, a new Exploradome special exhibit has opened, a new Omnimax movie is playing, and a one-day special event is happening.

It started with my being asked to help in the Lego robot exhibit. I worked alongside Scott, helping show the visitors what to do, when it became clear that one of the infrared transmitters was not responding.

A common problem- it had all the symptoms of a dead 9v battery. (The computer's communications alone don't provide enough power.) So I headed to the office to get a battery.

No 9v batteries.

So I headed down the stais to the Visitor's Information Center (VIC) to ask if they had any. The line was incredible, so I asked a passing staff member (with keys) if she had any leads- she took me down to the stockroom.

No 9v batteries.

So she knocked on the door to the always-locked Electronics department- no answer, all at lunch, so we went to Security, who checked their cabinet.

Guess what? No 9v batteries.

Walking back out, I found Carl- an Electronics guy. Flagging him down, he took me into the Electonics lab- which looked like something straight out of the back room of Robot Wars. Nothing I write can explain how immeasurably cool that room was.

He found the 9v batteries, after having a good laugh over my explanation of my misadventures.

So I went back, installed the battery, discovered I had to reboot the computer several times, and finally got it working. Yay.

Things were as uneventful as they ever can be around the Science Center until 2:00, when only half the people showed up for the Lego robot exhibit, so I headed down to the Exploradome (special exhibit area) to see the new exhibit on display. (Free candy!)

On the way, I saw a small black girl (maybe 4 or 5) pressing the elevator buttons, with her mother nowhere in sight. Going up to politely ask her, I said "Hey, c-"


She ran away screaming. Literally. Across the entire hallway, to her mother at the other end of the hall (who should have been closer).

Shrugging, I continued down the stairwell.