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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Circular Logic from K5
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"However, in my opinion, calling Otherkin delusional or insane is obviously highly disrespectful, and their beliefs are no more or less valid than any other"
A valid argument is one in which it's impossible to have the premises all true and the conclusion false. The central belief of Otherkin is that they are either spiritually or physically a creature from mythology. I would suggest that this is a false premise, therefore their belief would be invalid. So I cannot agree with you when you say that "their beliefs are no more or less valid than any other"
--Kuro5hin user "BigChris"

Now that's what I call circular. "Their souls are human, so their souls are not inhuman. As their souls are not inhuman, they are human, proving that their souls are human."

(The article is at http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2003/5/22/03514/1997 if anybody hasn't heard about it already. I've got a comment thread on it, but it got modded down to 1 after one vote by someone who, checking his comment rating history, has been busily searching through the thread and modding down anything pro-Otherkin and modding up anything anti-Otherkin, no matter what. I'd appreciate a few counter-votes; I'm getting zero reads because most people sort their views by rating instead of by date, a view where my post is near the top.)

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Bad Kistaro! I've just wasted a hour reading and replying to threads there (but I did rate yours).

Well, is spending an hour on K5 actually a bad thing?

Wow... I can't believe I read through that entire thing. But I've learned better than to open my mouth because I'll just get shot down in the end.

I guess this just illustrates the whole reason people fight, and argue, and go to war, because they can't accept one another's beliefs if they differ. It doesn't hurt them. It's not something they'd uphold themselves, but it's not affecting them in one way or another. Why can't they just be respectful? Why can't they say "I don't share your beliefs, but I won't belittle them or press my own upon you"? We don't tell people "you should be this" or "you're not human" or whatever. We don't bash them for believing in God or Allah or whatever the hell they want to believe. That's their business. So why is our business, their business too? Is this what their belief system teaches them?

It's a small wonder we're a "little-known cult" or whatever. We're better off keeping to ourselves.

We're a cult now? Cool!

Why does nobody tell me these things :(

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