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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Getting Good At A Useless Skill
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I just scored 726,915 points in a game of Wetrix PC (Standard mode), getting up to level 5 before drowning due to fireballing a mine.

This, pardon the pun, blows my previous score of 315,977 out of the water.

(Wetrix isn't a well-known game- okay, it was rather DOA because of the extreme difficulty level. http://wetrix.zedtwo.com has a demo- and http://www.the-underdogs.org has a download. Illegal download, but it's not availible anywhere anymore.)

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Hee. I used to play that pretty often a few years ago when it came out for the N64. My VERY best score was just slightly over ten million, iirc. It was probably my favorite game next to Smash Bros.

But, I think that consoles are easier to control. I bet if we played online, though, you'd cream me. :)

Whoa, 10M? I need practice!

I played the 64 version at a friend's house once- it actually has much dodgier control than the PC version. It has better visuals, though, so it's easier to see where you're placing something... tradeoffs are everywhere.

Sadly, the promised netplay feature never got put into the final product, and Wetrix as a whole sank, so the patch they said they'd do is all washed up.

Until then, I'll just have to keep trying to top 10M... that's standard Classic mode, right?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was in Standard Classic, althought the combined effect of not having played for years and not really paying that much attention to modes, I could be wrong. It was the 'main' mode of the game, and went on infinitely until you lost. And after about three million, it got sufficiently aggravating, since it'd rain across the entire board. I'd always one big pool in the center of the board, with a tower in the middle, and divide the rest of the board into quadrants.
Three of those would be used as pools, and the fourth, being the smallest of the four, would be for useless pieces, which also gave me a place to put 'lowering' arrows and bombs. I normally reserved it for bombs and used to green arrows on my little tower in the center. :) Sometimes build around the tower a bit, then remove part of it and have a little rubber duckie action. *grin* But, with this method, I had a rainbow out almost all the time, which was the main element in the scoring. :)

And... uhh... I'm rambling about Wetrix now. Time for some anti-caffeine. O_o

What's wrong with rambling about Wetrix?

Yeah, that's Classic mode you're talking about.

It's by time, not by points, that level-ups occur; it starts drizzling one minute after the game begins and you wind up with more water from rain than drops by level 5- at least, that's how it is in Pro. (The mode that starts at level 5 with mines active, has an extra weird-shaped water piece that's hard to place, and drops double bombs.)

You use the Really Big Lake method? It's nice and defensive- it's easy to last a while- but it's not as high scoring as Flock Of Rubber Ducks, my preferred strategy. I tend to quake out, though, because of all the land it takes to maintain- downstacks are my friend...

In "Flock O' Rubber Dux," you start out with a wall surrounding 1/2 the board. This can usually be constructed before you get water pieces. Usually. I find I lose less water in that, even though I lose half the rain that falls.

On the lower corner of the board, I set up my Bomb Dump; in the remaning space, I use as many donut upstacks as I can to create two-deep small lakes- perfect for large quantities of ducks. I can usually make five or more such lakes, for a x10 Duck Multiplier- and the Rainbow isn't far behind, for a x100 multiplier total- and I have at least six if not seven or more lakes, so every point I get is multiplied by x700. (The Lake Counter Multiplier is so often overlooked...)

I have to shave walls for this- use Downers to thin them as far as possible. Even after shaving walls to as thin as possible, I'm still up to my "A" (second) in the EARTHQUAKE meter- sometimes the U, but never lower. There are times when I have to drop fireballs on land just to lower it! (Fireballs, remember, have two functions: evaporating lakes and acting as bombs that don't create drain holes.)

The duck lakes, once filled, are never fireballed. Instead, my main lake is drained- while that deactivates the Rainbow Multiplier each time, I usally get it back quickly because the Duck Lakes have quite a bit of water by themselves.

This strategy is very risky. It's very easy to set off a fatal Earthquake because of the sheer amount of land required to maintain the multipliers; furthermore, it is difficult to arrange the lakes like this, and the main lake is frequently frozen, making Fireballs less useful- and overflows quite possible, even with double-high walls. I've never taken a Flock O' Dux game past level 4.

The payoff? Over 150,000 pts. per good fireball drop.

I'll try a more defensive strategy next game- we'll see if I can break a million!

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