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The Mystery Game
confused, buh?
Anybody have any leads as to what the heck this is? My mother bought it at a thrift store several years ago with no box or rules, so I'm not sure what it is- let alone how to play it.

The game comes with 30 red dice with white pips. It has a weird plastic thing that consists of a raised stand with a clear plastic pocket; this pocket has an upraised grid that creates 36 spaces. Large cards fit under the grid, and pictures of dice line up with the squares- it is a safe assumption that dice are to be placed on the squares to line up with what is shown on the card. On the right column of the cards, not under the board-area, scores are listed; some of them are marked in black instead of red and score negative points instead of positive.

Inspection of the game unit shows a Milton Bradley logo and a 1994 copyright.

Any clues as to what it is? Or any suggestions on how to play it? I've searched the Hasbro (they own MB) site with no success.