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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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I just woke up an hour ago from a dream about getting drafted.

Nothing in particular about it, just being dragged away from everyone and everything I know and care about to be forced to kill people.

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meh, great...I just turned eighteen recently, and maybe ill be drafted. Whee! *sighs and walks off shaking his head*

Fortunately (well, more or less), the U.S. moved to an all-volunteer army decades ago. Of course, if that changes, in a truly worst-case scenario, you can claim conscientious objector status, and if they deny it, you can simply refuse to serve; you may get thrown in jail, but it may well beat shooting at folks.

I've had nightmares about that before.

But, don't worry about it. If a draft is ever re-instated, there are still certain laws. I remember a couple of laws concerning drafting.
I'm pretty sure that one cannot be drafted if one is the only living male child of their family. If you are not the only child, generally the eldest of the siblings is chosen first.

On the lighter side, you may not be drafted if you are of certain occupations, such as a priest.

But, if you are unfortunate enough to be drafted, there are ways. Religious reasons (believe it or not!), physical disorders (missing extremeties, such as toes or fingers), other things that I can't think of right now. *shrug* But, I could look them up.

Also, if you can prove that you're not mentally capable of performing the actions that would be required of you, you'll be exempted in some cases. I won't go into detail right here, but ask me sometime and I'd be glad to elaborate.

I never heard of an "only son" rule, although with our male-driven nomenclature of our society I can understand it- wipe out the last male and you end a family line. Oops. I suppose there are advantages to being an only child.

I was researching being a conscientious objector, and discovered that my taking judo class- obviously having no aversion to warlike activity- disqualified me. I do wonder if my athsma would get me out of it- athsma's so very prevalent it very well may not!

Mentally capable- no, can't go there. I can do little but pray the draft never occurs and if it does, the Random Number Generator doesn't hit whichever number I'd be listed by.

But that means someone else would be getting it instead of me- better for me, but in no way any less of a generic moral outrage.

Ah, since these entries appear to be screened, I suppose I can message you as well, since your AIM account (if you have one) isn't displayed on your userinfo.

I just noticed that you were a friend of Bakel as well as Blaze (drakeblazefire). I was looking through my friend's journals as I do a couple of times a day and your name/comment caught my attention. I clicked it to take a look at your journal, from which I could click the userinfo link, which was my original intention, and when I flipped back to this window when I'd been waiting for it to load, I saw your most recent entry and felt like I could add something useful.
It hadn't occurred to me until I'd posted it, that I'd just posted a comment in the journal of a total stranger. *grin*

With that, *bows*, I introduce myself.
'Kohsyiu Sabrdrak', the name means nothing.
Feel free to message me as 'Sabrdrak' on AIM, should you decide you'd like to do so. :)

Oh, no problem with the posting; I don't mind at all. Both of your comments have been unscreened; further comments from you will not be screened in the first place. You should also be able to see my contact information.

As usually tends to happen to me, your timing was perfect- Blaze pointed me to your journal recently and I was considering commenting there!

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