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A Day Off

One disadvantage to homeschooling: no real, preplanned Spring Break.

One advantage to homeschooling: Spring Break is whenever your friends are having Spring Break and want to play.

I invited one of my friends from judo class over last Thursday, since it was his Spring Break this week. He came over today- tomorrow he's going to Chicago for the rest of the week, so this was my one chance.

Robert is a lot of fun to have over. He is my equal is just about every single activity we do: Magic The Gathering was three matches to three matches, Stack Chess was a stalemate, we tied twice at Swindle, he beat me at Ping Pong X2 5-4 and I beat him at regular Ping Pong 21-18. Chu Chu Rocket was a close match and Mario Kart was a close race. The only thing I came out distinctly ahead on was two games of Roll The Ball (a board game with Icehouse pieces, believe it or not) where I won both times.

It was great, though, to actually be able to socialize with someone for a change. To actually have a friend over actually playing a game, having a conversation, having fun- I don't usually get the chance!

On an unrelated note:

Why? Why can't I cook it?

I can cook scrambled eggs with no problem. I am the undisputed master in my family of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, surpassing even my mother, my teacher. I invented Triscuit Pizza and the Pizza Sandwich. I can prepare any canned food that doesn't smell bad enough to drive me out of the room. (Sauerkraut is the only example of that so far.)

So why the hell can't I successfully prepare a "Campbell's Soup At Hand" thingy?

It is a plastic cup filled with fully constituted soup. It has a lid you can sip through, and another lid to actually hold the soup in. The directions are "shake well, remove both lids, microwave uncovered on high for two minutes, stir, put on red lid, sip."

Why can I never do it right? I always forget to shake the soup, or I put the red lid on during heating, or I overheat it, or I underheat it badly, or I spill it all over my shoes when removing it from the microwave. Only twice have I ever made that soup without a hitch.


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