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Well, today was interesting.

The first thing I noticed as I walked into the office was that all the computers were off and the Big Screen Machine had Notepad loaded instead of Powerpoint: "The computers will be off for the rest of the day. The server is having problems, and these computers cannot connect to the Internet."

I diagnosed the problem in three minutes- the server needed the reboot it hadn't had for months, and so ran out of pointers to assign to the computers as they logged on, it didn't clear them correctly- and was frustrated by not being able to do anything about it, lacking both the passwords and the clearance to enter the server room and fix it.

Next I checked out RiverWeb- or started to. One of the computers seemed to be in "sleep mode-" the power-save mode that can't be disabled that disables all inputs except the keyboard, which is tucked away in a locked area so we have to unlock the damn cabinet and press "Enter" to reset it. I started to unlock the cabinet when the soundtrack for the laser show started. I looked to my right...

the laser show wasn't going and there was nobody by the on-switch.

Swallowing the first thing I wanted to say, I settled for "AAAIIIEEGH!" and ran for the office, grabbed the key, and turned the laser on.

After turning off the laser after the show, I went back to Riverweb.

The computer was not in sleep mode. It was, instead, missing.

Turns out it had been sent in for repair and nobody had bothered to hang an OUT OF ORDER sign on it, or notify the local volunteers. After a panicked bit of "Somebody stole the computer," I figured out tech probably had it and just got an OOO sign for the thing.

The rest of the day proceeded unsmoothly. The drinking fountain jammed ON until I kicked it, much to the amusement of those around me; a set of lost visitors had to try to find their way to the Omnimax- a more difficult task than ever previously suspected; a family of six missed their ticket time for Lego Mindstorms and was enraged that we wouldn't let them in 15 minutes late...

Never a dull moment.

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