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The Science Center's Halloween Party

Man, I'm tired. I am totally exhausted after four and a half hours of volunteer work.

Not just any volunteer work. I threw on my lab coat, safety goggles, eight pens, a notepad, and a pocket protector, and went to...

the St. Louis Science Center's Halloween Party.

"Tiring" ain't the half of it.

Four hours. Four hours of small, screaming children, trying to keep them to only one prize each- to hell with making sure they've won it.

The severe understaffing didn't help. I alone worked a three-person section at the start- throwing hula hoops over targets. Wood smoke from outside set my athsma off, so I had to move from the vents. (This was in the Exploradome- an inflatable building. Really.)

So, I moved sections. To the Fishing section, then to the caves, and finally to mini-golf.

I got overlooked for the breaks.

Amusing Things Of Note:

-Got "ringed" by a hula hoop while collecting them from the board
-Golf ball missed my head by inches. One observer noted that "it looked like it curved."
-Slammed into at high speed by a kid.
-Favorite costume I saw: the dragon, of course.

This is far more exhausting than it sounds... by the time I was done, I was so wiped out that my face rather matched the shade of my lab coat. Or, perhaps, the shade of the scales on my head in my dragon form. Y'know, white?

Oh well. At least I got to share in the two trash cans full of candy that was left over.

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