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SLSC: too... many... people...

Today was crowded.

This is one of those innocent sentences, sort of like "I dropped the atom bomb and it went off."

I had two hours of running the Shuttle, and every run was full. This is heavier than a normal load for Saturday by a long shot; the place was PACKED.

Quotes of the day:
Child to his brother, under the Planetarium dome: "How about an impossible game of I Spy? I spy a white dot!"

Mother of an infant, the infant was sucking on her toe (!) and I commented on it: "At this age, they call it 'development.' Later, they call it 'yoga.'"

Something which I hate is when parents refuse to control their children. I understand it's difficult in the Science Center, but not when they're doing something flat-out wrong! This @#$% had out a pack of "snap-n-pops," essentially small packets of gunpowder and a catalyst that made nice little *SNAP* sounds when thrown. And smoke.

This moron was using them inside the Planetarium.

This is the first time I ever really reamed someone out; from past experience, it's possible to set off the fire alarm with those things. I don't stand for it- I threatened to evict him from the building if he didn't stop. (I would have made good on it, too, but he stopped.)

The punchline?

His parents were less than five feet away.

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