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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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It's been a while since I played Roboforge... it's this cool game where you build a combat robot, program it, then let it go in an arena against an opponent where it runs autonomously. (Which makes online tourneys easy- upload it to the server and just watch the results.)

My new robot is actually done right- no real vulnerabilities, everything's shielded, and the weapons actually work as I expect.

Robot 6 in the "Dragon" series, I have to name it after someone. Bakel, what color scheme would you like on this robot, if it's okay to name a robot after you? The random number generator by my computer came up a "12," so I arbitrarily selected you for the robot name- lest anybody else feel insulted. (I have this cool little lottery machine with a busted motor, but I can operate it by hand.)

And to everybody else: want your name on a 'bot? Let me know and tell me the color scheme.

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I think that either black and red, or beige and blue would be really nice! ^_^ how many colors am I supposed to choose? black red and silver/gold are good colors as well. I'm honored that I'll be named after something! *smiles and hugs!*

Dragon Mk6 (Bakel)is a relatively simple design, so it only has around 25 components to paint. I can set any color and select from a wide variety of pattern for any component- I'm just selecting the texture map and reflectivity of the part.

How about irridescent red/black? By setting the reflectivity to 4 and the color to red, but the shade to pure black, I wind up with a part that looks black but reflects red from different angles...

I'll get the color scheme set up- and a few screenshots of it, if you want. It will also be placed in tomorrow morning's 2AM tournament. (Upload It And Forget It is a nice feature of RoboForge.)

thats awesome! I want to see this, definately. is there a website to look at it? *bounces excitedly* I need to see this!

If I can get screenshots, I'll put them on my webspace. I'll wait until it's finalized, though; the controller's a lot more vulnerable than I thought it would be. (In RoboForge (HERE has a free 30-day demo), the Controller is the Achille's Heel of the robot. If it is destroyed, the robot loses- no matter what the damage totals are. It's much, much, much, much more vulnerable than the chassis, which is usually 100 to 200 times as strong as the controller.) I need to shield it- the weapon, best described as the "Twin Spinning Flower of Death," does a good job of blocking for it initially, but as blades are destroyed, can't block all shots. I'll have to fix that- and the AI so it doesn't underride the higher chassis and knock its own head off. Heh.

The robot's chassis rather resembles a floating legless scorpion turned upside-down; the energy pack is on the bottom behind two shields with a sensor on the front, while the top features the controller and one sensor on a spinner in case the opponent doesn't actually stay in the front. The front of the robot has two intersecting Spinning Flowers of Death, an arrangement of three stacked omni motors (the only way to get good rotational speed- but it sucks power fast), surrounded by shields. The shields are attached to the top motor, and spade-shaped blades are attached to the shields. They spin like gears.

Like most RoboForge robots, some parts actually pass through each other. The official word on that is it's allowed, so I'm using it; otherwise, the weapon would simply not work.

The unique thing about the weapon design is that it protects the sides and top of the robot while being very sharp and fast and therefore seriously damaging in front. Most spinners are vulnerable on the sides or top, depending on how the spinner is mounted.

Screenshots when your robot is perfected, or of tomorrow morning's 2AM tournament, whichever comes first.

As an additional note, if you do download the demo (I suggest you register, it's a kick-ass game for the mechanically inclined- no gearing required and power distributes itself, but you have to design it well or it will be fried in one second flat), I can email you the robot file and you can check it out yourself. Note that robot files are usually over a 1.5 meg in size!

In case you're wondering, projectile weapons are forbidden. All weapons are "melee" style.

I would request a robot to be named after me, but it would have a few prerequisites; namely, extremely erratic movement and a tendency to hit itself with its own weapons. So I'll have to pass.

Actually, exteremely erratic movement is a serious plus for a leverbot (hammer weapon)- it's harder to hit. Hitting itself with its weaps- well, I can make it use passthrough, is that good?

So, what colors do you want it in? And what general type of weapon? (I have everything from clubs to axes.)

*snickers* Oh goodness. Well, if it's possible, hey, go for it. As for weapons, anything with bashy goodness is fine by me. Clubs sound rather entertaining.

*grin* I might just have to try this game.

I humbly request something in whatever shades of grey and cyan you think would work for a weapon of mechanical war.

Re: Oh yeah, colors!

Currently, it's painted entirely with a "crash test dummy" pattern. It's a long leverbot (read as: hammer) with an arrangement to keep opponents held far away.

I'll change it to gray and cyan if you want, but you sure you don't want it in a nice shade of "crash test dummy?"

Ooooh. Okay, Crash Test Dummy sounds a lot better than grey and cyan. Stick with that'un.

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