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Stupid fucking spammers! Those fuck-faced shitheads with the ethics of mass murderers! Those shit-faced fucking bastards with the IQ of a roll of toilet paper chose to use MY @swbell email address as the reply-to and from- lines, leaving me spammed with 20 bounce messages, which I can't filter because I need to see bounces when they happen! I expect more...

Fuck those shit-faced bitches.

If anybody needs to email me for any reason, please email me at org@weyr.kistaro (unmunge it yourself, it's not that hard to figure out), as my swbell account may need to be renamed. (It will soon be abandoned anyway for a email account.)

We'll see what happens... it's really annoying that I know email will be in vain, as it's a known spam server where the messages are actually originating from.

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