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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Stupid fucking spammers! Those fuck-faced shitheads with the ethics of mass murderers! Those shit-faced fucking bastards with the IQ of a roll of toilet paper chose to use MY @swbell email address as the reply-to and from- lines, leaving me spammed with 20 bounce messages, which I can't filter because I need to see bounces when they happen! I expect more...

Fuck those shit-faced bitches.

If anybody needs to email me for any reason, please email me at org@weyr.kistaro (unmunge it yourself, it's not that hard to figure out), as my swbell account may need to be renamed. (It will soon be abandoned anyway for a wustl.edu email account.)

We'll see what happens... it's really annoying that I know email will be in vain, as it's a known spam server where the messages are actually originating from.

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If all you get is spam from that domain, set up mail rules (or even the server if you can) to delete everything from it?

It's not spam I'm having trouble with, it's bounce messages. Some ignorant donkey bottom chose sgamer.swbell@net (sorta) as the REPLY TO and FROM address for some spam. End result? When that mail bounces, I get the bounce message. Not to mention people think I spammed them.

I've filtered out the spam domain, but it's no good. OE only checks the FROM line, and that would be... me. The problem was the large number of "YOUR MESSAGE COULD NOT BE DELIVERED" error e-mails I recieved...

Aah... if it's any consolation, the same has happened to me - an old Bigfoot account was chosen as the From address for a spammer - but it's stopped now, after I told Bigfoot about the abuse.

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