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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Release Date: Three Days From Now- For The Last Week
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It is incredibly frustrating when a company claims an item will be availible on day X and it's not, so you check back and it's on X+3. So on day X+3, it isn't there, and now the site says X+6...

rrrgh. I'm never going to get Mario Party-E at this rate.

Although the search for it- and a new ping-pong table, and a pair of pants that doesn't expose my ankles above my socks, and a cell-phone holder- had its intrests. (Only the pants panned out, and I only found one pair.)

First off was the ping-pong table. They had this nice-looking floor model with a big ugly paint scratch, hence the $100.00 off- but we had to do the transportation.

We examined the table first to see if it was worth asking someone in my judo class with a pickup truck to move the thing.

There is no way that table would stand up to the way my father and I play ping-pong.

It had all the structural integrity of the ball. One tap and the whole table swayed, legs flexing dangerously. That was supposed to stand up to vault shots and diving catches?

Next came the search for pants. Not that notable, except that three separate people each asked me for where to find something in the store.

Why did they ask me? My sweatshirt in no way resembles a Sears uniform! The only other three people in the section asked me for advice on where to find things, even though I was obviously clueless on where to find things from the conversation with my father. While this note should probably be strapped behind my Metaphysical filter, I'll put it out here anyway, that during this, I was in even more of a "phantom shifted" state than usual- I.E. having a serious case of phantom-limb syndrome.

It goes a long way to me believing myself even more.

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They are doing the same with Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, everytime we check its release date its been put back another month. I was hoping to get it for my boyfriend for christmas but by the way its been going it might be out in time for his birthday in november!

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