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Housing, redux

It is terrifying just how quickly banks are willing to move in efforts to lend an individual a terrifying amount of money to be paid back over marginally under half an average lifetime.

Relatedly, it's sort of terrifying how much house I can afford and not really pay more rent than I'm paying now. Although it will have to be a condo, since everything in walking distance of a grocery store is a condo. Although condos shaped like houses look pretty good; something with a very practical layout that is directly in my price range is a few blocks from where I live now, and I've already placed a bid on it. It's scary how quickly it's moving.

At the same time, I need to remember not to negotiate from a position of desperation. I found something almost immediately that meets all my needs- which implies that "something that meets all my needs" is not a rare find!

So many phone calls from banks, with the promise of more. If nothing else, at least I'm getting habituated to using the phone.

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