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A religious figure, so to speak

As of last week (which I didn't mention at the time), that's now three times that a stranger on the bus (different strangers!) has interrupted me to ask if I am Loki. I think I'm not, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of this.

Meanwhile, at work, I've switched notebooks; having started using Moleskines for my notes at home, I've come to prefer them (mostly for size, stiffness, and flatness when opened- that's actually a very elusive feature on stiff notebooks), and am now using them in the office. According to three different co-workers, one of whom had not talked to the other two, they evidently make me resemble a priest holding a Bible. (Having a standing desk, and tending to need to stand near other peoples' desks a lot to ask them questions, helps.)

These things in aggregate amuse me more than they should.

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