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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Tactical arts
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Due to renovations of the part of the building that originally housed it, the fancy chessboard at my workplace has been moved to the espresso bar adjacent to the American-style cafe.

The former location was a posh break room next to a general helpdesk, which was pleasant for sitting down for a game but was mostly not used. The new location is a very heavily-trafficked part of the office. The meaning of the chessboard has changed significantly as a direct consequence of its change of scenery.

It was a detail and a break facility. Now, it is its own social installation. Earlier in the week, I'd seen early-game positions in varying levels of development, with nobody at the board; I'd count moved pieces and make a move for whoever's turn it was, if I felt like it. An anonymous co-worker has solved the obvious flaw: the chessboard has sprouted an index card on which someone has neatly printed "WHITE to move" on one side and "BLACK to move" on the other.

Now the game is a shared piece of public performance art.

Choose a side; play a move; sit and drink your coffee and find out if you get to make more. Play five moves with a stranger who you have just discovered you have something in common with. Play your best because you don't want to disrespect the players who brought the game to its current state, and you would like to leave your successor with the best chance you can. Play beautiful moves, to see who will be fascinated next.

I will be requesting that the chessboard not be returned to its original location.

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That is absolutely amazing! Hahaha, that really made me smile

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