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Train derailment
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I'll do a write-up of my insane Science Center day later, but right now I'm concerned about thrames. I really don't know where in Illinois he lives, and a train full of toxic chemicals just derailed somewhere in Illinois...

I'm just rather concerned at the moment.

What really concerns me is that that train line continues to go less than a block from my house...

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I'm in Decatur, so, I'm not too worried. I probably inhale more dangerous stuff everyday then what was spilled. ;P Also, should hazmat trains derail in Decatur, there'd probably be a lot worse problems. Especially if it derailed in the train yard. I shudder to think of all that corn dust exploding. (and, to those people who don't know, yes, corn dust will explode, in horrible, horrible, horrible ways; Decatur would be basically nothing should ADM blow up)

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