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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Temporary uninhabitability
So, last weekend was annoying. The contractors hired by the apartment community went through and repainted the deck, which I suppose was necessary enough, but made no provision for proper ventilation, made no attempt to keep our carpets particularly clean, and spilled wastewater in our entryway.

The result was, predictably, a townhouse full of paint fumes, which interacts as badly as might be expected with my allergies. So, on short notice, I checked into a (very) local hotel for the weekend. Redmond remains a stupidly convenient place to not have a car; I went all of one block, and reached a nice hotel at a passably affordable price (because, and only because, it's the off season and they have a discount for locals). Which was an interesting change of pace; Rakeela and I were there for the first night, but I was there alone for the second night since the fumes had cleared out enough for non-asthmatic folk and Rakeela didn't feel like walking back to the hotel after our lunch.

The instructive part was the study on how much of my chronic stress and worry is purely something I bring on myself (and, almost as importantly, which parts aren't). I spent a disturbing chunk of the second day worrying that there was something else I should be doing, that I was abdicating various duties here and there, and/or that I was personally failing to meet the needs of people relying on me. This varied from quiet anxiety to nearly incoherent panic. Clearly not healthy for me, but at least I'm more aware of the problem now and can try to engineer some healthier relevant thought patterns.

In other stress-related news, this Friday I have more dental work scheduled. I'll deal with it.

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