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Form and function

I think I've finally realized when I do or don't appreciate the flexibility of movable-page notebooks (or, for that matter, binders). Movable pages are excellent for projects and practical purposes, very good for temporary notes I'd like to scan later, and almost valueless as a journal.

This is hardly a new revelation, but I'm finding that, for myself, I don't know what to do with journal-ish "thought debris" pages I've written for myself. I'd like to save them, certainly. Should they linger forever in a notebook intended to be dynamic and action-centric and up-to-date?

Flexibility is excellent for getting things done, but worthless for having a thing.

So, I'm searching for good, permanently-bound notebooks for personal journaling purposes. I've tried a Moleskine and been very dissatisfied, because my good pen is extremely wet, and the very smooth paper of the Moleskine takes it poorly. Perhaps I'll try Rhodia, although that's hardly an improvement on the price front.

I'm also not sure if a Book of Shadows is practical or archival. I know it needs a table of contents, but I've been reserving a few pages at the front of all my statically-bound notebooks for that- I've gotten in the habit of that at work, since the issued notebooks are threadbound.

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