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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Work and recreation
determined, chalk, flying
I've been issued a Chromebook for work. Unlike all other computers my employer can issue, I've been requested to use this one for personal use (and let other people use it!) instead of defending it violently for work. I suppose that's confidence in the encryption and heavy-duty user isolation model.

I've negotiated an agreement with my boss: 1GB of cellular data is covered by the company per month, but I pay anything beyond that. My daily commute has about 15 minutes of sitting on the bus, and so for $20/mo they're getting about an extra hour of work per week out of me, for the 3/5 of mornings I spend checking my e-mail. This requires only a small fraction of the data, so the rest is for me to use, or more than that if I'd like to pay for the service.

I am discovering that having a cellular Internet connection on a very portable laptop-form-factor web browser with a long battery is a pleasant thing. So far, it's been put to good use getting me out of the summer heat; the air conditioner at the grocery store is a wonderful thing. But it's also let me just plain enjoy Redmond more. If I want to be out and about, but I don't have anything to do or that I want to do, that doesn't have to stop me; grab the computer and just go somewhere, and either something to do will come up or it won't, and it doesn't bother me either way.

So I suppose it's not about actually using it to browse the Internet whereeever. That's the idea, but just the idea of having it is enough to let me enjoy my community, even though I rarely use it.

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That's a pretty sweet deal. 1GB could get you a long way, especially if you typically only visit sites which have some respect for your bandwidth. I don't think it'd work so well here - temperatures are still pushing three digits - but it'd be nice in the winter. Otherwise, you have to stick around places with wireless access, which still aren't ubiquitous.

They've been pushing those Chromebooks to partners as well. I'm a member of Engage for Agencies (legitimately; I told them outright I'd be trying to get furries to sign up, and they agreed). They're currently running a promotion where if you drum up $1000 of business for them, you get a Chromebook ($10,000 gets you an expenses-paid trip to the HQ for extra training). Alas, I don't quite see myself reaching those levels.

Engage also keeps sending me mail - apparently there's a package waiting for me that needs signing for (I suspect it has some tasty treats inside). Last time I got a USB key and wireless mouse (which I recently used to win a slate in a Microsoft Windows 8 Hackathon).

[I'm not entirely sure I support the idea of giving out gifts to advertising agencies, but at least they're useful and/or edible - moreso than Yahoo's executive corkscrew set, anyway.]

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