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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Introducing an expensive coffee machine (to clarify, it's a Keurig, so it is a modestly expensive machine that makes expensive coffee) seems to have significantly improved the health of the household. I'm drinking better and less-stale coffee at a more predictable dosage, Goldkin is partaking, and Rakeela's diet soda consumption has significantly dropped because coffee is now being used as the primary source of caffeine.

This is exactly what I wanted out of the thing. It is rare that a purchase meets every lofty goal I had for it, so I'm happy about this. Average coffee, drunk too rarely to avoid going stale, in a cheap machine wasn't enough to be a palatable alternative to obscene amounts of diet soda, but admitting defeat and switching to coffee pods makes a difference- the sealed coffee goes stale quite a lot less quickly. It doesn't last forever, but it's enough of an improvement.

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We have a keurig as well, I use it to make myself chai tea and hot cocoa.

I end up getting a lot of free coffee samples because of my keurig, so if you'd like them, I can mail you quite a few different keurig-compatible coffee pods. I have no use for them, and I don't know anyone else with a keurig. :)

An alternative is always weaning oneself off of caffeine entirely.. but I am completely aware of how difficult that can be, especially when it is readily available and one has a wonky sleep schedule.

Well, theoretically. There can be persistent mild neurological anomalies that are nudged into better order by a mild stimulant. I have reason to believe I have one, for instance, though I haven't determined its physical provenance in detail: if I have no caffeine, I don't feel actively bad (and nothing matches the classic “withdrawal” symptoms) except that I get nothing significant done that day—much like the story about Erdős and his amphetamines, but with a weaker drug—so I have to remember to take coffee or else I wind up wasting a lot of time.

My comment was more or less directed (though, in a roundabout way) at reading Kistaro's mention of "obscene amounts of diet soda" that xir roommate is/was apparently consuming - that can't be healthy and as such switching to coffee instead is a good idea - but a better one would be to slowly wean away from the caffeine in general. Caffeine isn't necessarily unhealthy, not at all. But I believe it to be one of those things that tends to provide more negative habits than good ones. Like staying up too late, not getting a healthy amount of sleep, etc.

I'm not so sure on the theoretical bit, but I can't be obliged to go digging for a research article on the subject (it's late, and I personally prefer to get a healthy amount of sleep). As far as your own personal caffeine usage is concerned, as well as your "persistent mild neurological anomalie(s)".. Do whatever works for you!

My own personal experience is that less caffeine, more sleep, and more self control (which includes a healthy diet and more exercise) has helped me and my slowly shrinking belly fat a lot more than soda or coffee, (the latter of which I can't really stand without a little sugar,which doesn't help the whole losing weight thing!) and I'd much rather be able to consume a little ice cream or a small bit of candy here or there rather than spend my 'sugar budget' on coffee or soda in larger quantities each day to help me get through it.

Aha, fair enough. I don't see the need for sugar in coffee, myself, and provided that I time it right it seems to help me sleep properly later on; it feels more or less like my “default” cycle goes “half-awake, half-asleep” and the caffeine rise/fall amplifies that into a better form if it's roughly in-phase.

But yes, I see what you mean.

This coffee machine has made coffee palatable for Rakeela without adding sugar, which is part of its benefit. (I've always taken it plain, myself, but it's what I was raised with.)

Rakeela has chronic fatigue problems. Significant amounts of caffeine can hold that at bay enough to let her be cognitively functional, but it's impossible without it. She deliberately de-habituates herself to caffeine on a regular basis (an unpleasant process) to keep it generally effective.

I agree that for most people, keeping caffeine intake down is wise. I'm at 2 cups of coffee per day; I had been at 1 plus tea, but I've changed my habits after enough of a balance of evidence suggesting that 2 cups may be optimal for health (see n+1 Slashdot articles citing MIT surveys proto-recently). Rakeela's intake is at 3-4, which is still less than my father's coffee usage (and much less than it was when he was in college), so there are probably worse things to do.

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