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Introducing an expensive coffee machine (to clarify, it's a Keurig, so it is a modestly expensive machine that makes expensive coffee) seems to have significantly improved the health of the household. I'm drinking better and less-stale coffee at a more predictable dosage, Goldkin is partaking, and Rakeela's diet soda consumption has significantly dropped because coffee is now being used as the primary source of caffeine.

This is exactly what I wanted out of the thing. It is rare that a purchase meets every lofty goal I had for it, so I'm happy about this. Average coffee, drunk too rarely to avoid going stale, in a cheap machine wasn't enough to be a palatable alternative to obscene amounts of diet soda, but admitting defeat and switching to coffee pods makes a difference- the sealed coffee goes stale quite a lot less quickly. It doesn't last forever, but it's enough of an improvement.

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