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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Intermittent confession
Kai reference
Something that I mention now and then, and should bring up again because new content came up-

In my more whimsical moods, or just more overly "hug me?" moods, I've been known to represent myself as an inflatable vinyl dragon toy. I've gotten this illustrated now and then.

I have a content filter for the purpose; it's relatively open. (I mean, I'm announcing that it exists, for one thing.) I've picked up a few audience members since the last time I mentioned it, so- would anybody like to be added to the filter?

I've migrated to DreamWidth. The original post is at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/481561.html. View comment count unavailable comments at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/481561.html#comments; go ahead and use OpenID to post your own, or you can comment here.

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(Deleted comment)
Added! There should be a newly-visible post from a few minutes before this one.

sure, I wouldn't mind.

Added! There's a post actually on the filter from a few minutes before this one, if you're curious.

I imagine I'm already on it, but just in case... *scoops up that amazing toy dragon and runs off with it*(

Of course you're on the filter! You commented on the post I recently added to it, even. ^..^

Okay! You should now be able to see a post a few minutes before this one.

we all need hugs from time to time

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