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For sale: Nintendo DSi

As I'd previously noted, I've picked up a Nintendo 3DS recently. With my data transferred over from my DSi, I'm selling my DSi off. Any takers? It's going to go to CraigsList in a day otherwise.

Nintendo DSi - Aqua Blue - purchased October 2009
  • Original battery, seems to hold a charge fine

  • Partial DecalGirl matte Tetrads skin applied to outside surfaces only. (I used to have it on the inside too, but the DSi's short-throw buttons are so shallow the decal significantly interfered with gameplay because I had to push the buttons past it.) Cleanly removable if you prefer the original look.

  • Includes original A/C adapter and stylus

  • Running latest firmware (this prevents certain homebrew exploits, unfortunately- it was required to get the DSiWare off)

  • Includes Pinball Pulse: Challenge of the Ancients, since it couldn't be transferred to the 3DS. It's an excellent pinball game, which ordinarily costs $5.

Based on CraigsList prices for comparable lots, I'd like $70. I'll take the best offer I can get; getting my target price will cause me to not post to CraigsList. If there are multiple interested buyers, I will sell to the highest bidder, preferring the first bid. Buyer pays shipping- anticipate a small flat-rate USPS Priority Mail box, unless something else is requested.

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