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An inane sort of letting go

I got a 3DS today! I've been playing [personal profile] goldkin's for a couple of weeks (he got a price match on Friday to get his $80 back), but there're always practical problems with sharing a portable video game system with a short battery life, so I've got my own.

Transferring my DSiWare (the downloadables for my DSi) to my 3DS was more of a trial. It took the better part of an hour, to say nothing of the three hours Goldkin spent trying to make my 3DS connect properly to the network (courtesy of an insecure access point). It's not a complete transfer, though- it's really just transfering license keys, and automatically redownloading the software that had been installed on the system. The save files are, inexplicably, not transferred. I have no idea why Nintendo chose not to implement this, but I suspect it's related, as usual, to some combination of encryption and DRM restrictions.

Because I'd like to sell my DSi (any takers?), though, I transferred all the data, and lost all my save files for those games with it. Many are games I never really started. Many are games that just list high scores. Some are games I'd beaten. A few were games I was in the middle of, and shall simply have to start over on.

I'm oddly okay with this. Honestly, I'm glad to replay a couple of the games, since the early-game content was more interesting than the late-game content, and I don't mind replaying the early levels of the puzzles games to unlock the rest of their content (given that I often go back to the early levels anyway).

I think I tried to be frustrated about this, but convinced myself that if I played it once, I can play it again, because none of these are very long games anyway, and made myself okay with it. And that's what cheers me the most- I can let go of (inane) things I spent effort on, which was formerly difficult for me, and easily talk myself into even being happy about it. Honestly, this is where I want to be, with that sort of control over my state of mind.

Nonattachment is one of the ideals of Buddhism, and one (for one reason or another) I've found myself well-benefited to follow. If I choose not to be attached to a thing, then I can save myself an immense amount of completely pointless upset when I lose that thing, because it is the nature of things to come and go.

I need to meditate more.

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