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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Conversations, inability to start
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I'm lame at starting conversations.

How do I start for no particular reason? A general "hi" is fine, but where do I go from there?

And for that matter, how do I know it's okay to bother someone over AIM for no particular reason other than for a "hi" and whatever may follow from that?

...etc. In short, I'm not particularly good at opening communication.

So if you see me on AIM or Yahoo and I don't leave a "hi," don't be offended. It's nothing against you, and I'm not trying to be antisocial! I just... well, happen to suck at being social.

Advice would be more than welcome, as would someone else starting the conversation for me.

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I have exactly the same problems. How do I know if someone isn't going to be bothered by my IM? How do you start conversations?

This leaves us both with the same problems. That is not very conductive to starting conversations between the two of us, really...

Most times I say hi to my friends online to let them know I'm here and that I don't mind talking. My roommate also uses my AIM name, so this is kinda important. Though most times I just don't have anything interesting to talk about, I still say hi out of courtesy (or maybe because I like bugging people.) I also assume that if they're really busy, tired, etc, they're mature enough to say something rather than get bothered by me AIMing them. And you can also tell if someone's interested in conversation by their replies; if they just seem to be nodding along and saying 'yes, thats neat,' then that's a good indication something's wrong. This doesn't necessarily mean they're bothered by you talking to them; I act like that when I'm depressed.

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