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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Sorry for the radio silence, everyone! I sort of got sucked into Google Plus for a while. It looks like I'm probably going to get banned there, and several people I already care about have been, so instead of faffing about with a community that clearly doesn't want me, I really should go and support one that actually likes my type.

G+ is, hence, getting the same thing that happens whenever LiveJournal does something stupid: causing a surge in Dreamwidth account generation. Which I'm glad to see.

It honestly feels like I'm rebuilding a small network, now. Google+ did the great thing of bringing us in one spot and pointing out that we would like to talk to each other; now that it is rapidly becoming uninhabitable, I'll simply move back here, and be proud to do it.

Google is rapidly showing itself to have the exact sort of attitude about people, communities, and communication that caused Dreamwidth to fork from LiveJournal in the first place. So a re-migration seems prudent.

Meanwhile, the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter has simply gotten too poor for me. It's like a busy IRC channel; it's the constant noise of a conversation, but replies are separated by 20 to 30 posts in between, and I really can't track it. Twitter is simply of declining use to me, so I guess I should go back to focusing my attention here- the format that always worked best for me.

G+ will hopefully have done two things, though: make me much less inhibited to make short posts, and make me less inhibited about moderate amounts of content spam. Sometimes, I just have two subjects to talk about in a short time period, so I should just post them, instead of let them languish in an ever-lengthening queue.

I've migrated to DreamWidth. The original post is at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/473862.html. View comments at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/473862.html#comments; go ahead and use OpenID to post your own, or you can comment here.