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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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State of mind
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I am discovering, by slow and incremental improvements to my sleep habits and schedule, that quantity and quality of sleep make a huge difference with regard to my state of mind overall, and that I am much, much more productive when I am cheerful.

The upshot to this is that my most productive weekends start out excessively asleep, when I don't have my week's sleep schedule in order. Restricting sleep on the weekend to try to keep "on schedule" for the week never works, so I should give up on that stupid idea and just sleep in on Saturdays.

Today, I got a package (re)mailed, grocery shopping done, dishes washed, dinner cooked, laundry started, my mate in a better state of mind, and overall was cheerful. That's rare, and I think it's tied very directly to sleeping until 2PM.

Unrelatedly, I need to play more console games. That sounds like a bizarre thing to say, but my opinion stands. I play plenty enough handheld games, but I think I'd be well-served to play the larger systems a bit more. Among other things, it encourages me to just relax and enjoy what I'm doing, rather than being something I'm hastily doing while trying to do something else or in a stolen moment. It's good for my state of mind, I have a heck of a backlog anyway, and it takes time away from my sitting staring at my RSS feeds- a pursuit that occupies more of my time than I want it to.

Also, I feel less guilty about console games than PC games. On PC games, I usually feel like I "should" be spending the time on instant messengers instead. Which isn't a helpful feeling, but I suppose I'm better served by just working around it than trying to deal with it too head-on.

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These are good resolutions. I feel retarded myself as I know well that quantiy and quality is important when it's about your daily sleep needs.... but I always do the same error. XE Grrrr.

I can't go play console when there is a Geforce 570 sitting in my computer. D: ... and I leave my IMs closed most of the time. ^'===='^

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