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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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A brief interlude on comments
Incidentally, while I continue to consider Dreamwidth a much more reasonable long-term solution for blogging than LiveJournal, for reasons mostly related to basic respect for their userbase, I'm turning comments back on over here, and have done so retroactively for my last few posts. The OpenID barrier is an annoying one, and honestly there hasn't been enough conversation on my posts overall (in part because I've been bad about replying, sorry) to worry about trying to keep all the conversation in one spot.

Still, on posts that exist on both services- which will, generally, be all of them except for site-specific points of order like this one- pay attention to the little Dreamwidth comment counter, in case you're missing some of the conversation there. LiveJournal doesn't have a friendly little way to export a little comment counter, so it'll have to be a one-way link for now.

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Yea! *squeaky hugs and nips*

I have been able to use OpenID only once on Dreamwidth and I think I had to use some obscure Google URL. Perhaps it's Opera fault. Bleh. :E

I thought you commented twice? But yeah, it went through this obscure Google URL. Overall, OpenID really isn't a great experience, and I'm clearly doing more damage to the conversation than support by forcing it.

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