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I'm not very good at this "limited-capacity music player" thing

...And the fact that I'm calling a player with 32GB of storage "limited-capacity" is probably my first clue.

For years, I've done my level best to keep my MP3 player larger-capacity than my music collection. In recent years, I've run into a major stumbling block: MP3 player capacities have stopped increasing. They hit a ceiling at 160G and haven't moved since then. Not that my collection's at 160G yet, but it's a specialty device: only the iPod Classic has that capacity. All other manufacturers have moved purely to Flash-based devices, which so far have capped at 64GB. I had the choice to buy an iPod Touch 64GB instead of my current 32GB unit, but I was dubious of its added value- for the extra $100, it still wouldn't hold all of my library, while I should be able to fit what I listen to most of the time in 32GB.

For the record, the 90% solution has me frustrated 10% of the time, which adds up given that I use the thing for a dead minimum of six hours a day at work, often 8 or even 9. I'd really gotten used to carrying my entire library, so I guess my 32GB iTouch is more useful as a PDA, and my Zune can be my primary music player.

Too bad my Zune also now doesn't have enough space to carry my entire library.

I guess I'll have to plan on an iPod Classic, since the iPod Touch isn't likely to get more capacity this cycle- the iPhone capacities didn't increase- and it's not worth $400 to me anyway when I could get more storage out of a cheaper gadget. "Touch-screen software system" and "media player" will remain separate devices for me, eventually.

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