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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

The Happy Stick of Maximum Fun

So, I've always been a fan of classic arcade-style games, or even not-so-classic games. The 16-bit era tends to have the play-styles I like, and so my XBOX 360 spends much of its time with an inferiority complex; I make heavy use of my Sonic Genesis Collection and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade discs. I'm also a heavy user of Bust-A-Move Live, as purchased from the Arcade.

All of these go nicely with the heavy-duty arcade stick I bought for the platform- it feels absolutely right for arcade-style games, for fairly obvious reasons.

I'm deconstructing this, though, and finding it interesting. The conclusion I must draw is that I enjoy games more, and therefore have more fun, when playing them using this arcade stick. There is absolutely no rational reason for this, especially because I'm actually better with one of my other XBOX controllers for most of them- the original D-pads are abysmal, but Hori's more normal XBOX controllers have excellent D-pad response. I tend to perform better with those.

And yet, I prefer the big bulky arcade stick anyway, for literally no logical reason; I just really like the arcade feel. It's interesting how the concept of "fun" can be separated both from gameplay considerations and from practical ones, since I have controllers I tend to do better with.

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